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Hi everyone. Barbie Joe here. And welcome to another episode of the podcast today. I would love to introduce you to Melinda Wayland. She is the owner of order to everything. And she is providing productivity system and organizing strategies to streamline your online business and busy life and increase your income while you’re at it.

Oh my gosh. You’re talking all things. I love welcome to this show, Melinda. .

Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m glad to be here. We

have so much to learn from you. I would love to hear what got you

started. Well, I, I have a little bit of a journey into what I’m doing right now. I, I started out as an interior designer and, uh, moved into, uh, motherhood with a traveling spouse.

And that led me into organizing, organizing just automatically fit into what I did before. And, uh, Best friend of mine pointed out that it could be something that I actually have a business with and I didn’t even know it . And so I started my business in 2017 and then I’ve slowly morphed ever since I started, I knew that I wanted something online, but I didn’t know what it was.

And so I’ve been working in home, but then also transitioning online for the past couple of years. And so I. Built a, a group program that I ran for a year for organizing. And now I’m working with entrepreneurs doing more online stuff. And so it’s been quite a journey and that’s, that’s a little bit of a summary of how I got where I am.


love it. You’re a girl after my own heart. We are both in the same space, um, serving the same audience. So this is very. And I love that you’ve taken your background and your past experience of interior design, and you’re bringing that into the industry. That is really cool. Well, let’s talk. I know you have a masterclass called systems to scale.

Tell us a little bit about that.

Yes. So systems to scale is a, like you said, it’s a masterclass that teaches the foundational business hub that I use as one of my systems. So I have, I have so many systems that I’ve, you know, created over the past couple of years building my own business. And so being able to provide them to others, Just gonna make it so much easier for everybody else.

And so, uh, but the, the system to scale is the foundational business hub system. It walks you through the one Asana system that works with everything else that I use in my business, and it teaches you how to use it. And it is basically a everything all in one place at your fingertips system, inside of a sauna to hold everything that you need for your business.


is so important. I think a lot of times, um, people overlook the back end of what running your own business looks like. Cause we have this skill, we have this talent right now. We’re ready to share it with the world, but we tend to oversee that there is a back office that has to be organized and has to have systems.

So what you are teaching and bringing to the industry is so, so important. So tell. How do you help people get results in their back office and get set up? What is your system?

I totally agree. It’s a hundred percent needed and we don’t see it. And it’s something that I love doing. And lots of people don’t like it, lots of people don’t like creating content.

They don’t like setting up content or figuring out how to do all the backend stuff. And so, um, Uh, I’m lucky to be able to love it. The, the systems that I use are all based around Google drive, um, Asana, and those are the three things that I use. Every day in my business. And I actually used them even when I wasn’t doing my online program, because I used to have a live, uh, Facebook group, uh, video every single week, it was called fine Wednesday.

And, uh, I missed doing that. Maybe I’ll bring it back someday day, but, um, but I used these even when I wasn’t. In the online space, because we all as organizers usually start out on our own and have to do our own marketing and, um, add all the things. And so the system just helps bring. Everything all together.

So taking care of your, your to-dos and your tasks, where to keep everything all together. Uh, like I mentioned with the masterclass, the, the, um, business hub kind of like an inside look is where it’s broken down into little hub. So content hub, keeping track of all of your content, your social media things, the backend.

Foundational business stuff. So it’s all of that wrapped into one thing that is

so cool. You mentioned content creation. So marketing is a piece of this now is setting up invoicing and keeping track of your books. Is that also a piece of this. Business hub. So it’s

not a part of my business hub. I also use Deb Sodo as part of my backend system for running my one on one clients and my in-home clients.

So I do have the capability of coaching people, one on one with Deb Sodo. It’s not part of the quote unquote system that I teach, but I do have the capability of, of helping people with that because it’s something that I use and it also incorporates. With the other stuff that I created as well.


So systems to scale will help people really blow up their marketing, organize their marketing assets, right? Oh yeah, for

sure. For sure. It’s it’s not only does it do that, but it. It takes all the brain power that we’re using to try to remember where things are and what we’re supposed to remember and what we’re supposed to document and just keeps it all in one spot.

And, you know, that allows us to concentrate on the things that, that are gonna make us money, not all the things that waste your time or spend more time than what’s needed. Okay, great.

So does that include organizing like clients and. Before and after photos and that sort of

thing. Yeah. So one of the hubs is a client hub and part of the file stack that I provide in my Google drive, um, is also with photos and the, uh, the kava.

Integration as well. So yes. Keeping track of your before and afters keeping track of your clients, keeping track of all of your different projects, for sure.

Awesome. Love that. Because when you have a past client that’s coming back for a future project, you kind of wanna be able to pick up where you left off and not.

Starting from scratch and forget everything about that person.

oh yeah. Recreating the wheel. I mean, that’s, that’s something that we do with so many things. I mean, right. We download something and it’s stuck in our downloads and we don’t file it away in the right place. Then we recreate the wheel and we either remake it or we ask for it again, or we recreate client files or whatever it is.

So that’s, that’s what it helps. It helps. The recreating process. This

is so important because as organizers, we should be organized.

right. Well, we should be some of this. Some of us are organized. All of us are organized in our own way. Right. Um, and so this just, this just helps because we, as organizers, we do feel like we should be right.

We should be. We should be that because people look at us as, um, you know, these perfect beings that, that, uh, you know, have these Pinterest worthy homes. And, and sometimes not, that’s not the case, you know, people can help people get organized without being yes. Um, you know, in Instagram worthy photo behind the scenes mm-hmm and, um, you know, just because you don’t have the, uh, the capacity to control all of your.

Um, you know, your organization behind the scenes of your business, that doesn’t mean you can’t help somebody, uh, streamline their life and make their life better. So,

oh, totally, totally. I have a colleague that actually hired me. I’m like, why do you need me? You’re an organizer too. And she’s like, I can’t do my own space.

I am just too close to the problem to really see the overall picture. I need you to come in and help me do this. And I was like, you know what? That makes so much sense. It’s so true. Mm-hmm, sometimes you’re too close to the problem. She even realize how to, you know, to solve it. Or even if there is a problem because you know, you just see it every day.

You’re used to it. You’re customed to it. But I remember back in the day when I first started, I was like keeping my clients in notebooks and I would jot down their name and their information and whatever notes I had on them in the project. And then it got to the point where I had so many notebooks. I couldn’t remember what clients were in, what notebook.

So I am so glad that we have these types of systems now that we can utilize to help our business. Be streamlined and be

organized. Oh yeah. Yeah. If you don’t take anything else from this, use a project management system for your projects, like Asana or Trello or something like that, because it’s, it’s such a life changer.

It’s a game changer for your business to be able to keep all of that. Together, without having to think about it.

right. And I know some people are really turned off by tech and they’re like, oh, not another thing I have to figure out and learn how to do so what’s really cool about what you offer is that you like.

Hands on, walk them through it and offer them that one-on-one support.

Right? Yeah. So I, I offer one-on-one services as well as, uh, for instance, my masterclass that I have. So the masterclass is a, um, it’s a pre-recorded training and then I also have the one-on-one. So yeah, I, I walk people through and, um, help them tailor it to their specific.

Business and how they use it because everybody uses their things differently. Right. Um, you know, I have organizers as clients and I have people that are, you know, um, flipping dressers as clients. And so everybody does their things differently. Mm-hmm and even as an organizer, your business is gonna be different than somebody else’s or your needs, or the way that you process your information is gonna be.

I love that. That is so good. Okay. Now let’s talk for a second. About what holds people back. I know I already kind of touched on how tech can be paralyzing to some people or having to learn a new platform, but what do you see often holds people back?

I see the same thing with my clients as. Organizers see what their in-home clients, it’s almost like, you know, where do I start?

There’s so much stuff. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know what to think about. What do I, what do I do with this? And as a business owner, it’s the same way you, you do these things that you have been told to do, or that you think you’re supposed to do. And all of this stuff accumulates while you’re doing it.

And you don’t know where to. Put it and how it goes. And so I think it hold that holds people back, not knowing what or how to do it. And, uh, and that’s why it takes so long for people to call an organizer. Right. They have to, they have to, you know, understand that it really is something that’s going to help them and that can change things.

And, um, as business owners, we kind. We find that out sooner than somebody that’s just, that’s, that’s struggling with, with home stuff because we’re dealing with it every, you know, it’s, it’s riding on the line of everything that we’re doing. Right. And when we’re wasting all of our time in the back end, it’s holding us back and, um, preventing us from moving forward.

So I, I think that definitely not knowing where or how to, to start streamlining or you. Even decluttering their, their backend systems. That’s, that’s what holds people back. I

totally agree. And I can totally see that, um, be because it might not be a strength, right? Our strength might be designing beautiful storage solutions, but doing our own books and organizing that might be like this dreaded awful thing.

I know that’s

true for me. oh yeah. Yeah. It’s just like, you know, you don’t, we’re not expected to be accountants just because we have our own business. Right. We’re not expected to be, uh, you know, our own social media marketer. Um, but we have to figure it out somehow.

right. Yep. Yep. Absolutely. Well, I am so excited to have joined up with Melinda because we have something very special that we are offer you all for listening.

My next masterclass is coming. And we welcome you all to come to that. It is free. It is a half day masterclass where you will spend four hours, three to four hours with me, one on one, and we’re bringing in Melinda and she’s gonna be teaching a little bit too on, more in depth. Look at what her systems look like and how they can help you in your business.

So not only that, but we are offering as a bonus per system. Inside our program. So this is very exciting. If you’re interested in joining us at this next masterclass, I wanna invite you to go to discover the best job.com/sign up. And we will include the link in the show notes. And then Melinda, tell us how we can get in touch with you.

Someone is like all in and they just wanna work with you and hire you. How

can they get in touch with you? So you can go to order to everything.com. That’s where I am. And I’m, um, at order to everything on all socials, if you are interested in the systems to scale that we mentioned, you can go to the organizing lab.com.

Forward slash systems to scale. And, uh, I also am the orderly entrepreneur over on YouTube. So that’s where you can find me.

Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being with us today, and I really hope all of you take us up on this amazing masterclass coming up. This is a, an offer to anyone and everyone that is interested in learning about the organizing industry, becoming a professional organizer.

How to set up your own business as a professional organizer. So we welcome you all to come. Thanks so much for being with us, Melinda. Thank you.

Thank you for listening to the passion to profit podcast. If you loved it, please let us know so we can create more content that will be useful to. We would also like to invite you to our free masterclass on attracting high paying clients, just visit Barbie joe.com to register for our next free masterclass.

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