How to sell your services.

You do something to them, you are offering them this amazing gift. So that’s the first thing we need to be at. We need to understand that what you are offering them is peace, peace of mind, peace in their surroundings, less overwhelmed. I mean, how many times do people walk into their homes? And they’re just like, I can’t breathe.

I can’t focus. I’m not creative at home. I don’t even know where to start. It’s just overwhelming. We’re taking that away for them. We’re bringing them calm. We’re turning that chaos into calm. We’re bringing down their anxiety. Right. So right there, solution solution, solution. We are offering them solutions.

We are serving. We are serving, okay. Now, who, who is it that you want to serve? That’s what we need to get to the bottom of, because I learned very early on. I did not want to serve everybody. There were some people that I did not feel comfortable working with, nor did I want to. And then there, there were people I loved working with.

So you need to define who. It is you want to be serving and get very clear on who that person is. And then you can be very, um, exclusive in who you choose to become your client. Okay. Now let’s get back to selling, selling. I don’t want you to have a pit in your stomach. Like, like when they say the word timeshare presentation, I don’t want you to get a pittance.

I want you to get excited about. So I admit I was scared of selling. Even the word selling just would make me feel. Cringe on the inside, it just felt icky. And it was so intimidating. It was so intimidating. And I, I have to blame timeshare presentations, honestly. I really do, but I want, I have to share a story about my daughter at it.

Now those of you have probably some of you have probably heard this story before, but she is amazing. She’s 10 years old and she’s done a lemonade stand. In front of our house, like almost every weekend of every summer that she could possibly do one ever since she was probably six years old and she taught me something so valuable about selling.

She was. And she was waving our side and she jumped up and down. Anytime someone would drive by and she was pretty good at getting people to stop at her lemonade stand. Well, pretty soon I noticed that no one was coming by and that she’d been sitting there for a while and hadn’t sold lemonade. And so she, I w I was about to go outside and offer to help her take everything down and clean up.

And I noticed. Picked up the lemonade and the stack of cups and took off down the street. And I watched, if she went door to door, offering our neighbors, a glass of lemonade, she took her service to them. And guess what? Not one person turned her down and she sold out like that. But she taught me in that moment, confidence.

Like she believed that she had good lemonade and that why wouldn’t everyone want her lemonade and that she didn’t let that fear stand in her way. ’cause, she didn’t want to inconvenience somebody. She didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or awkward because she was presenting them something they might not want.

That’s what I was thinking in my head. And here she is just a confident 10 year old, changing the world by serving while selling!