Have you ever wanted to start a business, but feel stuck and don’t know how to start. I wanna get you from idea to income in less than 90 days, so you can change lives and make an impact while earning money. My name is Barbie Joe, and welcome to passion to profit.

Hello everyone. Barbie Joe here and welcome to the attract high paying clients master class. We’re gonna dive deeper now. We are going to smash. So two is smash some of these fears and these, um, limiting beliefs. If you. We are going to address those right now. So a lot of you might be thinking, who am I to consider myself an expert?

I remember when I first decided like, yes, this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna start organizing homes. I had that belief. I was like, well, who am I? Who am I to say, hello world? I’m a professional organizer. Come hire me. That was the tough hurdle to. But I had to sit back and realize, hold on, I have blessed.

I’ve been blessed with gifts. I have unique talents that set me apart from everyone else. And I have my life skillset that not everybody else has that sets me apart. I can offer. Something that some people have no idea how to do. And then I was still, I was still like, eh, okay. Yeah, sure. And then I met with a life coach.

I hired a life coach. I knew I needed, I needed some of that training in my life. And she said, you know, Colby Bryant. I was like, yeah. She’s like Kobe Bryant has a personal trainer. Right. And I was like, yeah, he does. And he said, she. Do you think Colby Bryant’s personal trainer is a better basketball player than he is.

And I was like, well, course not Colby. Bryant’s the best basketball player in the world. She was like, bam, you do not have to be the best in the world to consider yourself an expert. Colby Bryant’s personal trainer is an expert in training athletes. Is he the best athlete in the world? Nope. Not by a long shot, but he can help professional athletes level up and get better.

And guess what? That’s what we do. That’s exactly what we do. I felt like a total fraud because here I am organizing other people’s homes and my own home is not picture perfect. 24 7. My garage is a hot mess. That’s my husband’s zone. And I can’t stay on top of that. And so I felt like a fraud, but the bottom line was that I can share with other people how to become organized.

I know how to do it just because my garage isn’t there doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do it. I absolutely know how to do it. And that’s why you are an expert. Okay. Now let’s talk about. Let’s talk about a diploma versus experience, right? You go to school for years and years and you get a degree, you get a degree, you finally have this piece of paper that says you’ve accomplished the thing.

Okay. But can you actually do the thing? Have you been doing the thing because you look at somebody who’s been doing it for years and years and years. They might not have the diploma, but they have years of experience actually doing it. What’s gonna be more valuable right. Experience by a long shot. So my life coach said, if you feel like you need a piece of paper to tell you that you are good at what you do, she’s like by all means, go out and get.

Go get a little piece of paper that, uh, tells you, you are now a certified professional organizer. And she said, this little piece of paper will bring you a lot of confidence and a lot of peace, but know that, that it’s just that it’s a piece of paper. It didn’t change what you already know and what you already do.

It just makes you feel more confident and secure in being able to call yourself an expert at the. And I was like, whoa, like mind blown. I was like, okay, let’s do this. So the enemy inside of our head loves to tell us that we aren’t enough and that you’re not good enough. And there’s somebody better than you and you’re not capable.

And that enemy inside of our head is holding us back. Right in the shows up in ways like fear insecurity, doubt, discouragement. That is the enemy holding you back. And we need to get out of our own way and know that we’ve been here. We’ve been put here in this world for a reason. To fulfill a purpose and we wanna do good.

We are trying to put more good out into the world by fulfilling other people’s lives, by helping them with their homes. Like that’s huge. So we need to silence that inner critic. I want you to attack yourself on the chest and say, I, I can improve other people’s. Do it with me because when you do it, when you do the action, it solidifies it more, makes it more believable.

Tap yourself on the chest and say, I can improve others’ lives. Say it out loud, say it out loud. I can improve other people’s lives. So that right there makes you an expert. Yep. Okay. Now, what about this? Uh, I can’t charge more. That would just be mean I can’t raise my prices. I already have existing clients.

I might lose them. If I raise my prices, that’s just mean I won’t be affordable for other people that might really need me. I can’t do it. I can’t do how many of you were there? I remember being there and I remember my husband even saying, whoa, no one will ever pay that. And I was like, Hmm. Okay. I didn’t need that, but that’s what I learned.

That’s cool. I’m valuable. I am valuable and you are not my client and that’s okay. And not everybody is meant to be your client, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, because you want to be working with a specific person you want to be working with. A specific client. Right. So that’s okay. Not, everyone’s gonna be your client.

That’s the way it should be because you are valuable. So what is your value? Let’s make this worth your time. Okay. Do you have college tuitions to pay for, do you have, um, kids that need diapers and wipes? Do you have maybe grandchildren or nieces and nephews depending on you. Like, we need to make this worth your time.

You gotta show up and deliver. You got debts to pay. You have retirement to fund. We need to make this worth your time. So what is your time worth? What is your time worth? All right. I want you to think about. Every time you were on an airplane, you know how the flight attendant gets up there. And the first few times I ever flew on a plane, I was like honed in on the presentation from the flight attendant.

I was not gonna miss a single instruction just in case our plane went down and they needed me to save the day. I was gonna know what to do and how to escape the plane and how to get everyone off safely. So I would really focus in on that presentation and I noticed. They would always say if the oxygen masks drop, please place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then give oxygen to those around you.

And I was like, oh, so selfish, why wouldn’t you save your child first? And then it dawned on me. Well, duh, what good am I? If I’m dead. My child will not be able to survive on their own. So I needed to give myself the oxygen first. Right? Then it made complete sense. Oh, I get it. Once I’m pumped full of oxygen and running on all cylinders, then I can go around and help everybody else.

But if I’m depleting myself of the oxygen and giving it to everyone else first, I’m not useful at all. Same concept needs to apply to your business. Okay. So you need to compensate yourself well, to be able to help others better. Cause when you’re at the end of a job, have you ever left a job? And you’re like, that was not worth it.

I spent so much time and energy. Now I have a kink in my neck and my legs are throbbing and my back hurts and I. I was not paid well for it. That was not worth my time. I know we’ve all had those jobs. I’ve had those jobs and that’s when I was like, okay, I’ve gotta give myself the oxygen. First. I have got to compensate myself well for doing a job well done and it will make you want to do more and do it better and serve higher and do it over and over again.

That’s the importance behind all. That’s the thing the world makes you think that it’s selfish, right? It’s selfish to take the oxygen first self care, but that’s selfish, but guess what it is not self care is actually selfless. When you’re taking care of you, you are able to take care of everyone else.

Amen, Jane. Amen. Think about it, think about how many more people you can help when you’re running on all cylinders. When you are like locked and loaded and ready to go, because you’ve taken care of you. It makes you propel yourself forward and want to do more and wanna do it better if you are not. Well, nobody else around you is going to be well.

Yes, so true. So true. So many people are depending on us to show up in the best way possible as our best self. And how do we be our best selves? We have to take care of ourselves. We have to make sure we are being compensated well, that we are satisfied with the work we are doing. So we’ll want to do more of it.

So it’s not selfish at all. It is selfless. Okay. I want you to say I am worth it. I am worth it. Attack yourself again on the chest and say, I am worth it. Say it out loud. I am worth it. I am worth every last penny and not everyone is my client and that’s okay. My husband is not my client and that’s okay.

He doesn’t have to be not everyone’s my client and that’s okay. Liz says, I decided to take Wednesday for me for the same reason. Thank you for suggesting a few weeks ago. I’m so proud of you, Liz. You have to take time to recover. Think about the strenuous job we, we offer it. It involves so much on us physically, like so much physically, mentally, like all the things husbands are the worst clients in the world.

Yes they are. Aren’t they aren’t they though. Anyway, bless their hearts. They try their best. Um, We need to take time for us to recover. After I do a big job, I have to take a few days off to like seriously rejuvenate to like fix myself because it’s a lot physically, emotionally, mentally, like everything.

Yep. Err says emotionally, it is it’s a lot. And so you have to take that time into consideration too. Like, okay. How do I recharge after I’ve just put everything I have into a job. How now do I recharge? And is that being factored into my value? Am I being compensated enough to be able to take care of myself?

Okay. Now there’s another false belief that we tend to think this is great and all, but this isn’t gonna work for me. I’m glad it worked for you, but it’s not gonna work for me. I live in a different country. I I’m older than you. I, I, you know, whatever it is, we, we tend to pile on the excuses and say, but this can’t work for me.

That is a very common excuse. I held that excuse. I was like, oh, well I have five kids. This can’t work for me. I’m a mom. No, one’s gonna take me seriously as a professional, but I want you to know, Henry Ford says this a lot. He says, whether you tell yourself you can, or you can’t you’re right. You’re absolutely right.

So you need to start telling yourself that you can, and you will. You have to tell yourself, I can do this. Yes. This might seem a little tricky, but I can figure it out because everything is figureoutable and everything is a skill that you can master. Did you know that? I think that’s so cool. Everything is a skill that we can master.

So cool. So think about, oh, this story, you guys, there was this. There was this kid and he was, he was dumb. He was like flunking, all of his classes. He was ready to drop out of high school. Like he did not like school at all. Hated it. He didn’t want to pursue a career where he needed any of that education.

He wanted to be like, um, I think a mechanic or something. And so he wanted to just drop out of high school. And his mom was like, okay, fine. I’ll let you drop outta high school, but please just take this S a T for me, please. And he was like, fine, I’ll take the S a T and then I am, I’m done with high school.

And she was like, fine. Okay. Great. So this kid signs up to take the S a T, which if you’re not in from the us, this is like a college placement test. It tests you on your overall knowledge of what you’ve learned throughout your years in high school. And then it helps place you into colleges to see what college would be a good fit for you.

And to see how smart you are basically. So he takes the, the S a T gets his scores back and he has phenomenal. S a T scores. Like he scored almost near perfect. And he was like, whoa, I am smart. I’m actually really smart. And guess what? He started showing up to class. He started applying himself in school because he was like, dang, I’m really smart.

I better start like trying, putting forth. He raised all of his grades, not only that he got on the honor roll, and then he got accepted to a good college, a great college actually, cuz his S a T scores were so good. Every college wanted him and he was like, cool, I’m going to college. He goes to college, completes a degree, becomes a really successful businessman.

And then guess what happens. The school, the S a T program, they call him up years later and they say, Hey, so there was a mix up. And we actually gave you someone else’s score and you actually scored really poorly. And they gave him a score and he did horribly. He did horribly, but just think of how his life changed because he believed he was genius.

He believed he was a smart guy and he got a near perfect score in the S a T. It changed the trajectory of his life. If he would’ve received the real test score that he got and knew that he almost failed the test completely, he would’ve dropped outta school. He would’ve became a plumber and mechanic, whatever, not dissing mechanics or plumbers, but he would not have left home.

He would not have gone on to see what he could achieve in life. That’s what I’m getting at, but because he believed he was smart, he started showing up as a smart kid and he changed his life. His entire life changed because of it. And he didn’t find out until after he was already a successful man that he was actually still that dumb kid.

Isn’t that crazy. So that. We can apply to our own lives and our own businesses. If we wanna be that brilliant person, all we have to do is believe it, believe that we can be it and we will, we will become it. Any skill can be learned or mastered. Think about the baby, learning how to walk. Right when you have a baby and they they’re crawling and they stumble and they try to get up and walk and they fall down over and over again.

You never say, you know what you just weren’t made for walking. You’re just not cut out for it. I think you should just stop it walking. Probably not in the cards for you. I would just, just stop trying. No. Right. Everyone learns how to walk everyone. Just like the bird. Flying. Every bird learns how to fly the first time they get pushed out of the nest.

Do they know how to fly? No, they have to figure it out. Riding a bike. Same thing. You’re not just gonna study how to ride a bike and then get on it and know how to ride the bike. No, you gotta practice it. You gotta learn it. You gotta master that. Can I, can I get a master? I wanna say master, master the skill we can master any skill.

I wanted to learn another language and guess what? I started learning another language. Have I mastered it? Not yet, but I can. Absolutely. I can. I wanted to master something in my life. I’ll share it with you. Cause any skill that we want to achieve, we. We can we have the ability we have full control. Yes.

Yes. Liz. Yes. Jane. We are gonna master these skills. Okay. The haters out there will think. You they’ll make you think you missed your opportunity. They’re like, you know what? You missed the wave. You have to enter the business at the right time. Or you have to be a special type of unicorn to be successful.

Like they. That’s what the haters will make you think they’ll say. Yeah, but that only works for some people that can’t work for you because you didn’t get in at the right hour, at the right day, at the right time wearing the right color. That can’t work for you. Yes, Erin. Yes, Vanessa. We are gonna master these skills and we are gonna silence our haters.

Okay. The haters will tell us, you know what? Yeah. It can only work for some. It only works out for some people. You have to be a special unicorn wrong. That is false. I want you to say, I can have whatever I want. I can achieve whatever I want. Tap yourself, reinforce it, say it out loud. I can achieve whatever I want because you can, you absolutely can.

All. Cool. So some of you might be asking, this is great, all, but what’s next. What’s the next step. We, we know all these great things. Now we’re implementing these, we’re getting clients. Things are good. What’s what’s the next step. Okay. Who wants to hear about a program? I I’ve created for those wanting to take the next.

Because we, now that we know how to market ourselves, now that we believe we are worth it, now that we have our, our prices reflecting our value, right? These are all awesome things. This is where we want you in business. We want those clients coming in on auto. Okay. So what’s next. Let me tell you, I put together a program and it’s called the Polish professional organizer.

And this program takes you through a process of making you just. A polished professional organizer, whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 minutes, it’s all the same. We help you refine your skill, refine who you’re attracting. We want you getting paid for doing less. We want you to start building that Rolodex of ALIST clients.

We want you to step into full-time income working part-time hours. Because for me, that was important to be home. When my kids were home, I wanted to be done by the time school got out. So I was the one picking up my kids at the end of the day. And so that’s what we want for you working part-time hours with full-time pay.

We want you to become a member of an elite list of professional organizers, and we want you getting those clients on autopilot. So when you’re in this group, you get to be in a community with other moms, with other women that are doing the same thing you’re doing. And it’s really cool cuz you build from strength of each other.

We’ll have, you know, group coaching sessions and we will, we go over your invoicing systems and we review your pricing strategies and we go over every last detail of your business. Okay. If you’re ready to grow your business faster and have clients waiting to get in line to get on your calendar, then don’t wait any longer staying where you are.

Like let’s do it. Let’s do it now. Maybe you’re ready to show up with confidence from consultation to completion of every project you take. You wanna show up with confidence. Is that okay? If we help you build a six-figure. Is that okay with you? We are looking for part-time organizers wanting to make fulltime impact and fulltime.

So this is all I ask. If you ready to take the next book, a call, just simply book a call. If you know that this is for you and you wanna get on our calendar book a. Now, if you book a call before our next break, you will be entered in a drawing to win the home edits new book. And it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful book.

So this is the link you will need to click on. And it will basically ask you a few questions, kind of a little application, and then. It will give you my calendar link and you get to schedule a time for us to have a strategy session. I put the link in chat. It is calendarly.com/barbie, Joe LLC slash 30 minutes kind of long link.

So I put it in chat for everyone to see. So if you’re wanting me to take you by the hand, into the promise land book, a. Okay. If you’re wanting to work with me, have me work with you, book a call and we’ll have a strategy session. All right. Now we do offer funding partners. For those of you who are curious, and if you have good credit, um, it’s easy.

We can get you help with funding. If funding’s an issue, this is not for everyone. Let me just say that this is not for everyone, but for some of you. This will be perfect. This will be perfect. So this is for you. If you are an action taker, if you have that abundance mentality, if you are good at what you do, if you invest in yourself, if you’re resourceful, if you are a decision maker, and if you are putting out high quality work, then this is for you.

Doesn’t matter where you are in business. This would be a good fit for you. Now, this is not for you. If you are slow to make decisions, if you think you can do this on your own, or if you’re skeptical, have a scarcity mentality, or maybe you’re not disciplined, or don’t think you have time, or you’re not cool or fun to work with, then this is not for you.

But if you’re not sure, just book a call. And we’ll let you know, we go through your, the application and we discuss it with you. And we tell you whether or not you’d be a good fit for us, or if we’d be a good fit for you because everybody’s different. Everyone’s in a different stage in the game. And so we are very honest about that.

Now, for those of you who can’t wait to strategize with me, I can’t wait to strategize with you so you can get a high, a calendar full of high paying. Book a call, just book a call and we will help you get to the next steps. I wanna help you guys take your organizing business to the next level. I was able to make tons of money while my kids were at school.

Like it was amazing. We were able to buy a house. We were able to go on vacations during the worst crops that my husband has ever had. It was amazing all because of my business. Now I know that your time matters because we’re moms, right? We’re women. We have a million things to do, and that you, you know, we want you making money now and we want you doing it faster.

I’m all about speed. I wanna get you to the end result. Fast. We’re not gonna draw it out. We wanna get you there. We wanna do things differently than how you’ve been doing them in the past. That’s how we get the results we’re looking for. Okay. Never work another Saturday, never miss another performance or game, or, you know, any of your kids activities.

Because you’re only gonna be working while they’re at school and it’s gonna be totally awesome. Thank you for listening to the passion to profit podcast. If you loved it, please let us know so we can create more content that will be useful to you. We would also like to invite you to our free masterclass on attracting high paying clients, just visit Barbie joe.com to register for our next free masterclass.

So you can start filling your calendar with high paying clients and step into a full-time business and not just a hobby. We want to show you how to make more money and less time.