If you haven’t been to an NA meeting, it’s like a family gathering, kind of like a family reunion everyone’s sitting around and sharing. Basically you have to, to kind of, uh, participate in the meeting. You have to react and respond to whatever. People are sharing and just show them support and love. And it’s just so amazing this community of these recovering addicts that have come together and that really truly support and uplift each other.

And I am so grateful for this community because it saved my dad. Otherwise I am sure he would not be with us today. So anyway, Back to it. I, what I took away from this NA meeting was that we were in a room, surrounded with people, and there were a lot of people there and they were taking turns sharing on how Aussie this one man had touched their lives and changed them for the better.

That he had made a positive impact in their life, by something he had said or something he had done. And it was a small and simple act most of the time, most of the case, but it touched these people so deeply to the point where they decided they wanted something better for themselves and they wanted to change.

And from a lot of them, that was the last day they ever touched a harmful substance. Was the day they met Aussie. And I thought that was so powerful that here he was called to this earth, struggled with addiction himself was able to find help and support, get himself clean and then give back. And isn’t that.

So similar to what we do, like we have this, these gifts and these abilities that we’ve been given that we’ve maybe earned. A skill that we’ve acquired. And now that we’ve overcome the hurdles and we’ve conquered this skill and we possess this gift, are we just sitting on it or are we ready to share it with the world?

And that to me is so powerful because we’ve all been given gifts and talents. All of us, they’re all different. But we all possess them. It’s can you recognize them? What are your gifts and how can you use them to put good into this world to help other people better their lives? How can you use your gifts to make somebody’s life better?

And that’s exactly what was demonstrated to me last night, attending this NA. And it was so, so powerful. And I think there were easily 50 people in this room and every single one of them had a story about how one man touched their life, made an impact enough that it kept them off the street. It kept them out of the hospital.

It kept them out of prison. It gave them back their life, their freedom, their family. The ability to work, provide for themselves, earn back trust just because of one man and his willingness to share something that he too struggled with, but then was able to overcome. So I want you to really look at your life and I want you to kind of dig deep here and really take an assessment of the skills, talents, gifts that you possess.

Make a list of the things that come easily to you, maybe the things that come naturally to you or the things that you have had to learn, how to do and that you now do well. And I want you to see if you could share any of those with the world. Now on this podcast, we teach you how to do that and turn it into a business to where you can support yourself financially, while creating a positive impact in this world while you know, giving back and putting good into the world.

But you don’t have to turn it into a business. You don’t have to have oh, website and a business listing and an LLC to put good into the. To strive to help other people do better and be better. So I wanna encourage you this week to take a good look at your life. Take a, take a look at the circumstances you have been through the trials, the triumphs, the tragedies, the hurdles, the good stuff, and the bad.

And where has it brought you today? How are you today? Where are you today because of your past, what have you learned because of your past and what could you then turn around and show somebody else to avoid the same pitfalls, the same mistakes, the same hurdles, the same detours that you took? How could you help somebody else overcome all those obstacles?