How to get organized

Hello everybody. Barbie Joe, here today. I’m going to talk to you about my membership site. I am putting together a project of. Membership site for those interested in obtaining organizational habit. Now we will do a monthly focus on a different room each month. I will give you a roadmap to becoming successfully organized, which means every step will be laid out for you.

A house of order is a house of peace, which means less. And stress, you will also get an editing expertise training, which means you can determine what stays and what goes like a pro you’ll receive storage solutions, which means you’ll know how to give everything a home and simple systems, which mean a simple way to stay ahead of the clutter and a solid mindset and ability to tackle the hard stuff.

If I were to guess the top 10 objections or questions, You would have about joining a monthly membership today? They would probably be, I don’t have extra time. I don’t have my usual house hold help or inner support system. I’m too exhausted to do anything outside of the minimal. I only need help with one particular space and I don’t want to commit to an ongoing membership.

I have too much stuff. I don’t even know where to start. I’m already too overwhelmed. I don’t have any help. I feel helpless. I am running behind on way too much already. So here’s how it would clear those up for you. We are all busy moms, managing households, homeschooling, and working from home. This monthly project membership will only be five to 10 minute segments with 15 minutes of application.

Bite-sized tasks to creating organizational habits. You can enlist the help of your kids and have family fun night with it. You could always find time for the things you want to do. If it’s a priority, it will get done. Once we’ve covered the particular space, your struggling with, I guarantee you’ll find nuggets of wisdom to apply in all the other spaces of your home.

You can cancel at any time with no questions asked, I will give you, guide you through the clutter and overwhelmed with bite-sized tasks. Organization is proven to lessen stress and overwhelm. You will walk away feeling so much better. This membership will guide you every step of the way with weekly live question and answer.

For your specific needs and getting caught up is the goal. And then maintaining the habits you’ve created. So you never fall behind again. I want you to be completely without risk. So here’s my guarantee. Sign up today and receive my master editing questionnaire for free and feel free to cancel your membership at any time.

100% risks. Once your monthly payment is processed, there’s no refund. So make sure you cancel before your next payment processes. It’s really easy to get started. Get on the waiting list for membership to open up. Once you’re subscribed as a member, you will be honored as a founding member of my membership site.

Once you decide to get started, here’s what’s going to have. You’ll receive an email inviting you to our private Facebook community. Here is where you connect with others like yourself and ask any questions. Next you’ll be sent to your login information for the members site. Every Monday, there will be a new demonstration for you to watch.

I recommend implementing in 15 minute increments so you don’t get overwhelmed. You need to subscribe right now before the doors open. We will only open up admins for 30 days. If you don’t take action, now you will have to wait until the next quarter. When we open the doors again, you don’t want to live another day in chaos and anxiety.

Make your home vibrant and happy for everyone by joining today, you’ll be creating habits to last January. Here’s a list of people who have already been through my process. And this is what has happened for that. Let me tell you about Mary. She hired me to come and organize her, her office. We went in and we sorted through her paperwork and we systematized her documents and we put them back into new homes.

Once I left her office was organized. She went on to organize her closets, her kitchen, her bedroom. Her family room. She tackled her entire house room by room, implementing the exact process. We went through together as we did her office. Now I would like to tell you about my client, Christine. She was a military mom who was just recently relocated.

Her husband was on active duty. So she was left to unpack her home with her two young child. While trying to work at home. She reached out to me and we came over and put together a plan to put her house in order room, by room, helping her unpack and put things away in new homes and new systems, which worked for her family and the way they function in their everyday life was.

We accomplished that goal. And she was able to easily maintain these systems because they were set up to accommodate their lifestyle. Now, these are just a few examples of people that I’ve worked with that have taken through my system. I am so excited to have you on board and I’m writing to you now. I’m reaching out to you all now, because I would love for you to be one of my founding members.

The membership has not launched yet, but if you sign up to get on the waiting list, you will be notified of any updates. When the launch opens. I want you to get in at this introductory rate and be locked in at a grandfathered. For life. I also want you to master organizational habits that you can use throughout your life and pass on to your posterity.

Creating a vibrant and happy home is the ultimate goal. So don’t delay and get on the waiting list to do. Talk to you soon. Thank you for listening to don’t get lost in the laundry. Don’t forget to check out our website@barbiejoe.com. And if you enjoyed this podcast, you’ve got to check out my programs.

I’d love to have you join me@barbiejo.com.