I know Michelle is considering starting. She’s been organizing for friends and family for a long time now. And she’s considering turning this into a business. That’s awesome. That’s exactly where I was. When I started, I knew I wanted to start a business and I didn’t know how or what. And then I had a business coach asked me, well, what could you see yourself doing for the next 10 years?

And I was like, you know what? I love to organize. And yeah. And that’s the rest is history. I’ll look at your recordings, houses full of kids, hectic. Oh, Michelle, my friend texted me. My, his son, her son is in Mozambique. On a mission for our church. Isn’t that? Cool. Aaron, March of 20, 20. Wow. Awesome. So you got started like right, as soon as COVID hit.

Right. How did that affect business for you? Were you able to still get into people’s homes? How did that work for you? Or did you transition to virtual virtual sessions? It’s those I’m not going to lie. We’re kind of a nice, a nice shift to be able to work from home.

Tell us all about it. Oh, we got Kelly back in here. She got kicked out.

So I know when I started in 2019, I, I started my business in October, so I only had a few months to get into people’s homes before the world shut down. And that’s when we transitioned to virtual, we started offering virtual sessions and at first people are like, well, what’s that? So you kind of had to educate them.

And so I would I’d get on Facebook and get on Instagram and be like, Hey, this is what we can still do for you. Even though the world is shut down. And I basically explained to everybody that I would be their eyes and they would be my hands. And they would prop me up in a corner on a video conference call and I would walk them through sorting and editing and categorizing, and then setting up a system.

The only caveat with a virtual session, though, since you’re your client is doing the work is they have to be shorter sessions because you don’t want to burn out your client. You don’t want to overwhelm them. You want them to come back for more. So you would maybe leave them with a little homework assignment or.

You know, schedule multiple short sessions, but it’s kinda cool too, because with a virtual session, they are getting that knowledge and that education. So it’s kind of like you’re training another organizer. And so they’re really getting twice the value. So I would not charge any less for a virtual session than I would an in-home session.

Have any of you tried virtual sessions and had success with those? I know here in Texas, we’re, we’re open for business here. Everybody is pretty much back to normal, so we’re able to, to get back into homes. So that’s not really an issue here, but what about you guys? Where are you guys coming in from? Okay.

All right. I have two people calling me on the phone at the same time. That’s funny. Hold on a second.

Okay. All right. No questions, no questions. All right, then I suggest go get your favorite beverage. Go get your favorite pen and notebook because in about 25 minutes, we are going to dive deep. I’m going to start just teaching like crazy. And I want you to implement as we go. So the goal is by the end of this half-day masterclass, you’re set up to start receiving clients to start attracting those high paying clients.

We want you to start building your business like now, today, get that calendar booked. Aaron, you worked on building systems, taking classes, trying to figure out social media. I’m a caretaker for my mom who was poor health. I don’t feel safe going into people’s homes. I’ve been picking up lately with in-home sessions.

Okay. So now, oh, you didn’t feel safe. So now you are going back into people’s homes. Okay, cool. That’s great. That’s great. And I’ve always kept the doors open for my virtual sessions, even though we are back to normal here in Texas, because they’re so convenient. They’re so nice. And you know, if people, you know, have to cancel because someone got sick in their home, you could say, oh, well, we could actually do it virtually if you’d like to continue, but they have to be willing to work alongside you.

That’s the only thing. Yeah, social media is tricky. It’s tricky. So we’re going to dive into that. I, when I got started with my business, I took I enrolled in an online business school. I hired I’ve hired two or three, four different business coaches that all had different specialties. One was offer creation.

When was marketing, when was social media, one was funnel building. So I’ve done all this work. I’ve I think I’ve invested over $30,000, no. Over $80,000 all said and done into my business. Just to learn everything because I wanted to understand it all and I wanted to have everything done. Right. And so I did, I, I did the work.

I did the dirty work. I did the investing, but that’s something I want to save you from. So what I’m going to share with you are the things I’ve picked up along the way, the things I found most applicable and that have had the most impact on my business. That’s what we’re going to get into today. As far as marketing your business to attract the high paying clients.

So if you have any questions for me right now on consultations, on the actual organizing process on certifications, whatever, ask away, ask away,

a lot of people have come to me and they’re like, oh, well I’m considering starting this, but I don’t have a website or I haven’t registered as a business yet. And I say to them, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need those things to get started. Just do it now, do it now, get out and do the thing. And if you’re just starting and you don’t have that belief that you are the expert and that you are capable of providing change for other people, then I say do an exchange for testimonials.

Just do small little jobs like junk drawer here, a linen closet. They’re just small little things in exchange for testimonials, go to your friends and family, go to anyone you’ve helped in the past and say, Hey, would you mind leaving me a review? Collect those reviews. Those are gold. Then you can use them for social media.

You can use them for your website. You can use them for your listings. Those are gold. Those are the best marketing you can ever, ever get.

But I I’m all about offering like a white glove service. So that’s ideally what I like to do. I have a very specific client I like to work with. And then I offer like super valuable in-home service where we set them up for success. And then we follow up to make sure it’s working for them and they’re able to sustain it.

Otherwise we go in and we fix it because we’re not the cleaning lady, right. We’re not the one and done. We are interior designers of storage solutions to help their, their lives, function and flow and serve them on higher level. So their lives are easier. That’s a goal. So we’re creating systems that last, not just a, let me tidy up your home for you.

That’s where we bring in the value. That’s where our, our prices can get a lot higher. Right. We have Tina joining the room. All right, come on in Tina.

All right. Welcome loca. So Kelly awesome. Kelly. You’ve been in business, changing your focus. More luxury. Look, love it. I’m overwhelmed doing everything myself, trying to figure out what I can outsource, hire business help as well as hire a team. So good. That’s so good. And that’s a good problem to have.

That’s something we definitely help you with. If you decide to work with us, we definitely train you on that. But I will say getting started outsource as much as you can. So if we’re talking about in the field, right, doing the projects. Find friends and family that have an eye for it, or are naturally organized people and ask them to help you.

That’s how I started building my team. I asked my sister-in-law and one of my friends down the street and I said, Hey, I’ve got this really big project. Would you be interested in helping me? My friend was a natural organized person. My sister-in-law was not so much, but she was helping hand and I needed the help.

So I’m like, I’ll take what I can get. So I brought them in, I was still charging my fees and then I was paying my helpers, like 20 bucks an hour and I brought them in and it was great. As long as they’re willing to take direction from you, you can bring in anyone as your team member and then just direct them.

You have that’s when you have to get really good at directing and being the project manager, because you have the overall vision and then you send them to do various assignments. So you can get the job done quicker. I’ve even in the past hired my competition. Like I’ve hired colleagues in my area that have organizing businesses to join me on big jobs because her area of expertise was the editing process.

Like she thrives with hoarders. I do not, I do not deal with that. I usually come into the game or into the picture after they’ve gotten rid of all their stuff, but this client had a huge, huge basement office and he wanted to transform it back into a working space and he was a hoarder. So I brought her in.

And we charged her fee to work with the client. And then I brought in my team and we came in and kind of worked behind them. And as soon as they sorted through various piles of things, we’d sort of categorize it, give it a home and put it away and systematize it. And it worked out so cool. It was so cool.

And the client was happily willing to pay us the price because he was getting so much value and we were able to get it done so fast. We were out of his house in less than six hours and the whole thing was complete start to finish. And he got a lot of training along the way, working with the hoarding declutter coach on the importance of letting go that you don’t have to hold on to everything.

And I will say being a specialty, being an expert in hoarding is a gift in and of itself. That’s something I don’t teach, but I can definitely bring her in to teach you guys because she’s amazing. And it’s like therapy. Honestly, watching her work with the client was like a therapy session. That’s what I don’t particularly deal with orders I can.

And I would, I do. If you, if you end up working in our program, what we do is we give you life coaching certification, life, coach training, because that is something you need in your back pocket. That is a tool. Every organizer needs because people are so emotionally connected to their stuff. So emotionally connected and you have to be able to relate, be able to help them understand and help them to let go and move on.

Right. All right. Great question. Anyone else have any questions? Give it up for Kelly. That was an awesome question. Not so exciting that you’re at the phase in your business where you’re watching. Bring on a team. That’s so awesome. That’s so awesome. I would say on-site training is the best way to go. And then you can kind of write up your process of how you go through a client, the process you take them through the process you go through and then it’s, you can replicate it.

So as you’re training team members, you can send them the documentation, maybe make videos. So you don’t have to do all the online on the hands-on training. It can kind of just be set up for them. Kind of like when you get a job, right? Most of the training is done via like reading their, their manual of their book and then watching some videos and then you get to work with somebody and they kind of shadow you.

Right. So the same kind of thing you could set up within your own business, just start to document your processes. Start to really write it down, break it down so you could teach somebody else as you bring them on. How long is it on? What do you mean Claudia? How long it is. I’m not quite understanding the question, Claudia, if you want to unmute and ask, go for it.

I’m sorry. I tried to connect. Hi. Good. Thank you. I tried to connect earlier and I got a message that was going to start at 1:00 AM on my time, and then I connect to now and it’s already on. So I’m kind of afraid of how much I lost right now is the VIP ticket holders. So this is just Q and a we’re just answering questions.

Oh, okay. This is not a masterclass to masking classes. We’re going to start. Okay. The masterclass starts in. 13 minutes. Oh, you’re fine. You’re fine. Nope. Thank you so much. You bet. All right. Anyone else have any questions?

What is your focus right now? What I want to ask you? What are your goals right now for 2022? Do you have a financial goal? Do you have a number of clients you want to work with? Like, what are your goals? You want type it in chat and I can just read your answers and we can discuss them. Or if you’re feeling brave unmute, and you can ask out loud.

My very first client I took on as coaching her through her business. She had been in business for 10 years and she was charging like $30 an hour. And she was doing everything. She was offering to fold their laundry and like clean their house and then organize their house and help them on like various things around the house.

And she was only charging $30 an hour and she was struggling to get clients. It was crazy. And then she started working with me and I was like, okay, first up, we got to change your prices. And she was like, no, that’s so mean I can’t change my prices. I want to help people. What if they can’t afford me?

That’s so mean. She literally thought it was so mean to raise her prices. And we had to get her behind the mindset that she was worth it, that she is so valuable. And once she changed her prices. Like she doubled her prices. And that was a stretch for her to charge $60 an hour. Guess what happened? She started booking more clients and these type of clients were valuing her time.

And then she was like, oh my gosh, this is so good. And these people are willing to pay it. Then she upped her prices. Again, mind you, this happened within four months of us starting to work together. So then she raised her prices, $75 an hour, still not where I wanted her to be, but she started booking more clients to where she had a waiting list.

Like she was months out and she has consultations every day, every single day. So within that four months of just starting to work together, she quadrupled her revenue quadrupled at her husband used to ask her every day, you know, when are you gonna quit? When are you gonna, you know, throw in the towel and just, you know, you gave it a good run.

You gave it 10 years, you know, I applaud you for it, but when are you going to like, get a real job? And she stuck it out and you know what? Within that four months, her husband started to come to her and say, Hey, this is working. What can I do to help you? And so now he drives the trailer, he’s got a truck and a trailer and he’ll show up the client’s house when she’s done with the job and load up all the stuff they want to get rid of.

And now she’s opening a thrift store to sell all of the stuff that she’s hauled off for all of her old clients. So now she can turn around and sell their stuff. At our thrift store. So she’s been able to turn this into a huge, like thriving business. Now she’s hiring help. She’s hiring people to run her store.

She’s hiring photographers to photograph and list her items. She has blown up her business all within four months of working together. All right, Kelly says you need a better system to handle all the client’s photos when it’s more than just me taking the photos before photos editing after photos posting on social media, any wisdom for efficient workflows that is easily accessible.

Great question, Kelly. So there is a very successful organizer. I don’t know if any of you follow her. Her name is organizing with Tracy. That’s her Instagram handle. I think her business is simply organized or organized simply. Anyway, she has a huge team and she sends her team to the, do the job, but I will say she does the consultation and she does it on the phone.

And to book a consultation, you have to send her pictures through her email so she could see pictures of the space you want work done. And then she calls you, you talk on the phone with her and then she tells you, okay, well that will probably take a team of 10 to get it done within a six hour day. And it will probably cost you about a thousand dollars in product.

Cause she’s gotten to the point, you know, where she can estimate about how much it will take depending on the size of the space. So then this is what she does. She sends her team to the job, right? And they start the job because they know what to do. They know they need to start pulling everything out and they start sorting it and categorize it.

And then they bring the client in. If there’s too much of something, they’ll say, all right, client, come and go through these piles. We see here, you have a huge pile of Halloween decorations. Do you want to keep them all? And the client will go through and get rid of some things and not, and then that’s great.

Then Tracy comes in towards the end to make sure everybody’s doing their jobs. Right. And that’s when she starts to document, she’ll start to take video. She’ll start to take pictures of the process. So she’s just kind of popping in and out of the jobs to check up on our team. And then she’s the one who takes the photos.

She’s the one who posts them, or if not, I mean, you could always send the photos to an assistant and have your assistant post them, but you can keep them very organized within Google albums. Even you can organize, this is what I do. I keep every album, every client has their own photo album in my Google photos.

And I take the before pictures and the after pictures, or if I have my team take the pictures, they send them to me and then I upload them to the folder. So they’re saved in that album. So then if I need somebody to post them for me, I can just send them access to that Google album and they can post and edit the photos and do whatever does that help?

Does that answer your question? That was a really good question, Kelly. That was a really good question. Did we answer it? Let’s see. I’m using Google albums currently. Awesome. Awesome. Now I would say to simplify it, if you’re getting too many, that it’s overwhelming, hire an assistant. You can hire a virtual assistant, even from like the Philippines and only pay them like six bucks an hour, because that’s what the going rate is in the Philippines.

And they speak perfect English. You can send them access to your Google albums and send them access to wherever you want to post them and just let them do it, let them do it. I would totally outsource. And I have another resource who is locally based in the us. Who, who does she helps you find virtual assistants.

If you’d like, we can set you up with her. How do others have access to edit? It’s simple. They just have to download the, the album and then the photos themselves and save it to their own hard drive. And then they would edit from their own computer. Okay. Let’s see. Aaron, Aaron, I’m trying to add a concierge service to my offering.

Love it. My pricing is on the low end for my area. 50 per hour. Ooh. Yeah, minimum three hours. That’s good. You want to waste? Raise your price, but feel 50 per hour is a lot for the concierge service. Okay. Tell me more about the concierge service that, what is it that they’re getting?

What is it that they’re getting? So the concierge service. Okay. And for the outsourcing, I will send you only. That was just sent to me. Let’s see if I can pull up here while I’m still on for you. All my friend just sent me this link.

This is a company she uses and she actually teaches other people how to hire an outsource. That’s like her zone of genius. Okay. Here is the link. If you want to check that. Are people getting kicked out, waiting around Vanessa. Okay. She’s coming in. Okay. Yeah. So Aaron, tell us more about your, your cost of your service.

What is it that they’re getting? Because for $50 an hour, first of all, concierge service sounds really like fancy pants, right? That sounds like a high end service to me. So if I were to pay for a concierge service, I would expect to pay a lot for it. And $50 an hour is not a lot. I would say the national average is $120 an hour for people in our industry.

So yes, you are charging way too low. I would only charge $50 an hour if you were going in and just consulting them and kind of giving them a walkthrough of what you would design or maybe even just giving them the design, like what products they would use, how they would use them. And that’s it like the shopping, ordering the, implementing the setting up of the systems and putting away the stuff would not be included would not be included.

Okay. Claudia, do you have a question your hand is raised? Yes, I do. Okay. Thank you. I am. I just start I mean, I took classes I’ve been studying for the last six months. I mean, reading books. Taken classes to become a personal organizer. I have a large experience as a house, cleaner and housekeeper.

But three years ago I had to decrease the amount of work because I had some health issues and I can’t do any kind of a work, gives me pressure on my head. So I had to change, you know, my life and I, I just worked for a few clients now. And of course I don’t make enough money to make leave.

And and then because I like to organize it. I always did it. I love to put everything in order, you know, and I saw people when I used to go clean their houses, how much they need that kind of a help. I got interesting. To do this, but right now I’m kind of a lost because I don’t know how to reach the reach, this clients, how to find them because for cleaning was mouth to mouth, you know, like a one person recommended me to another and to another, but right now people who’s, I work, they don’t want me to go for organizer because they don’t want to lose me as a housekeeper and, and is a little bit selfish of them to be honest.

You know, they, they got to use to me to be a very easy person. Don’t charge too much. My out, my hourly rate is $25 on house cleaning. It’s very low. I’ve been asking them to give me a raise and they say, right now they can’t because COVID their income being affected. Yeah. So it’s hard for me, you know, I’m a, at my age, I’m going to turn 50 this year and I want to start a business that I can, I definitely can do.

As you just mentioned, you know, I can grow with slowly grow, growing, growing, and then maybe I can hire people to do for me, or I can introduce another service. So with the organization that I can come by to kind of incomes on the same business, you know, but I have no idea how to start. I’m very lost. I’m excited with everything.

I learn it, but I don’t know how to start. Okay. Great question. Great question. I would say, just start, like, just start with your existing clients with friends and family and say, Hey, I’m offering this new service now organize your home. Would you let me organize your home? And I’ll only charge you a small fee because I’m just starting out and I would love your feedback.

I would love a review or testimonial and just start and then tell your house, cleaning clients say, Hey, I’m shifting now into offering this new service. Would you like me to organize your, your pantry, your junk drawer, just start small. So they get a taste of what it’s like, and then say, great. If you would like to hire me to organize more, this is what I charge and the house cleaning.

Now I’m not going to do, I will outsource that I am hiring team members and they will take care of the house keeping, but I would also let all your clients know, say my prices are going up with inflation. With the cost of living on everything, going up the market. I have to raise my prices and give them 30 days.

Notice, say my prices are going up over the next 30 days. If you’d like to book a session right now with me, I will honor my existing price. If you get on my calendar before the end of the 30 days, once the 30 days hits, these are my new prices. And whether, you know, they’ll pay, if they love you, they will pay.

They will pay. Great question. Okay. You guys, it’s 1102. Yikes. We need to get on. We need to go live here. Let me get in the group. It’s time to start the master class. Yay. Yeah. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Let’s do this. All right. Welcome everybody. Welcome to the attract high paying clients, master class. All right.

You guys are amazing. This is going to be so much fun. Okay. I’m getting into teacher mode now. So everybody, everybody does here wants to learn how to attract high paying clients, right? Yes. Can I get a yes. In the chat, those of you tuning in live on Facebook. Can I get a yes. Are you here to learn how to attract high paying clients?

Because that’s what we’re going to do. We are going to implement. We are implementing today. Okay. So here are a few things. Here are a few things I need you to know. First of all to do events like this before, like pre COVID, you would have to rent out a hotel room. You would have to order like coffee, an X amount of coffee or tea or water or whatever.

And these types of events would cost like $2,000 to do. And now that we have zoom, we can do that for free. It’s amazing. It’s so cool. So this has been such a blessing to be able to reach so many people through zoom, virtually for free. Isn’t that amazing? I just saved you $2,000. I saved myself $2,000. All right, cool.

Now I want to ask you all, how many of you would like me to help you attract high paying clients? If that’s you, I want you to save me, raise your hand and say me. I do. Now, how many of you would like to do it sooner? Like right now, like yesterday, if that’s you, I want you to say. Me for sure. Me now, how many of you want to see clients like lined up, wrapped around the building, waiting in line to get on your calendar?

Does that sound amazing? Say yes. If that sounds amazing. I want you to say yes. Yell it out. Shout it out. We are going to be so interactive. People around you might think you’re crazy. That’s okay. We’re going to be shouting from the rooftops here today. All right. Now I need you guys to engage with me.

I’m doing this for you. So I need to hear from you engage with me type in the comments, be active, because did you know when you are just listening and taking notes, you only retain about 25%. Did you know that? Is that crazy? You only retain like 25% of what you’re hearing and learning, but when you’re engaged and actively like engaging, you retain up to 80% like, whoa, whoa.

So who wants to retain more? Say I do. I do like, say it out loud. Raise your hand. Say I do. All right. Libby says she doesn’t want to feel like she’s talking to herself. I get it. I get it. Especially if you’re in like public area, like Starbucks or something. Yeah. You don’t want to be like shouting out, but that’s okay.

You’ll get people’s attention. They’ll be like, what is she doing? That sounds amazing. She’s really excited. That’s what we want. That’s what we want. All right. Cool. All right, Liz gets it. Libby gets it, Tara. Yes. I love it. I love it. Interacting. We want to retain more, more. We want 80% retention, not 25%. All right, cool.

I have, let’s see, maybe, should I share? I do have slides, but those of you on Facebook, you won’t be able to see them. Okay. Let’s just let’s do this. Does everyone have a pet? Show me your pens. Hold up your pants. Let’s see, we got pens going here. Awesome. Do you have a notebook? Does everyone have a notebook?

Something to write down. You are going to want to take notes. We are going to be implementing today. This is not just absorb and hear it. We are going to be doing all right. Cool. Let’s dive in. So I’m sure you’re wondering, who are you? Some of you don’t know me. Hi, I’m Barbie Jo. I am a professional organizer.

Believe it or not. I’m a mom of five. I’m married to a farmer. I am now a business coach consulting other organizers because I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And I know what works and I want to share it with the world because this industry is it’s just beginning. We are just getting started. We are growing.

We are expanding. We are just getting going. Liz, you couldn’t find the zoom link. It should be in the several pages of the several posts on our Facebook group. But here, let me try to copy it and I’ll paste it over. Copy.

Okay. Sorry. Thank you for letting me know if anything happens. If you guys can’t hear me ever, let me know, please. And I will try to address it like immediately. Cause we don’t want you guys missing out. Okay. How can I comment? Here we go. Bam. In the comments there. If you want to join Facebook or the zoom, there’s the link.

I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you guys so you can see my slides. Yeah, so good. All right, here we go. Share screen. Yay.

Let’s do this. Alright so hi. These are my kids. If you’re on with us in zoom, these are my kids actually, and I had this. Awesome. You can’t see it. Can you see that? Now? I had this amazing editor, photographer, editor create these, this image for me and it just depicted life so perfectly. If you can see us on zoom, it’s like craziness.

It’s chaotic. Can I see you if you’re trying to enter the room from here? Okay. I don’t know. Okay, there we go. Liz is entering the room. Cool. So how do I know? Why should you listen to me? Well, let me tell you, when I started organizing my baby, my youngest, my fifth child had started kindergarten and I was like, you know what?

I need something for myself. I would like to find purpose and fulfillment in my life. Plus we really needed the finances I needed to contribute financially because it was not a good, it was not a good situation. We’d had two failed crops in a row. It just, it wasn’t great. So we really needed, like we were, we were signing up for food stamps.

It was that bad. So I needed to make money. Plus I wanted to find like purpose in life because my babies were all at school now. And I needed something to do that, you know, felt like fulfilling and purposeful. So I started organizing homes. That’s what I did. And you know what? I thought, I, if I’m going to do this, I need to do it right.

So I hired a business coach and then I enrolled in an online business school and it taught me all the logistics of how to set up a website and how to build and how to strategize and market and do all the tech things, right. Set up an automated email service and all the things. Then I hired a marketing coach and she taught me how to market.

Then I hired an offer coach and she taught me how to create offers. Then I joined another program that helped me learn how to do social media because, oh my gosh, that’s a beast in and of itself. Right. Social media is, is a monster. And so I needed help. I needed somebody to show me the way. And so I found somebody to do just that.

And it was amazing. And I learned so so much. And so that’s what I want to share. I was able to turn my organizing business into like kind of a hobby and turn it into a thriving business. It helps support my family. It helps. It helps us float along for the next several years, until the farm was able to get back on track.

I was able to help retire my husband. So now farming is more of a hobby than then, like our main source of income. It’s been amazing. So that’s me. And I would love to share with you what I’ve learned. So let’s do it. Let’s dive in. All right. You’re here probably because you want to fill your calendar with your ideal clients, right?

Set your own hours, making money, making the money. You’ve always dreamed of. Maybe I’m taking your part-time job of organizing into a full-time job, or maybe turning the hobby of organizing into wage job. But maybe you’re concerned that you feel like you’re doing everything in your power and you’re just not booking the clients you want.

Or maybe you feel like you just don’t know where to start. You have all these great ideas, but you’re getting resistance along the way and you just feel stuck. I’ve been there, I’ve been there and I can help you get unstuck. So good news is it’s possible to have a calendar full of your ideal clients and in less time than you think and less effort than you think.

And so, all right, get your pens down. We’re going to retain, right, but by writing down, remember writing only retains twenty-five percent and we want to retain 80%. So I want to hear from you. I want to see the comments. Can I see the comments chat? Yes. Thank you. There’s my comments. I can see your comments.

Awesome. Cause we want you to retain 80%. All right. We already went over. This virtual events are so awesome because now they’re like free. Most events are like $2,000 to attend. There was an event I wanted to go to from a marketing genius that I want to learn from it’s $2,000 ticket just to spend a few days at his virtual event with thousands of other people.

So you’re just sitting in an audience and watching him on stage crazy pants. Right? Okay. There are three things we are going to go over today. We are going to talk about attracting your ideal clients, filling your calendar and working less and not more. Now, why do this? I do this because we want more joy in life, right?

In the scriptures. They say men are that they may have joy. May they may have joy. It’s up to us to take it or to choose to have it right. That’s why we’re doing this. We want more joy. We want more purpose in fulfilling in life, fulfillment in life. Maybe less stress because we need to ease those financial burdens, right?

Why are you doing this type in the comments? I want you to type in the chat, why you are doing this? Why is it you want to pursue or make this business succeed? Y Y I could tell you right off the top of my head, I’m doing this. I just, when I started, because we needed to buy toilet paper and milk and bread, that’s why I started.

But then why, why would I do that? Well, because I want my children happy and healthy and fed and nurtured. Why, why do I want that? Because I want them to feel comfortable and loved and supported and have a fulfilling life, a full life. Well, why Y to improve our life and to feel happier, right? To have more time with the family, to be able to spend time with them, make them proud of what you’re doing.

Have maybe have something to pass on to them because that will make you feel a sense of pride and a sense of, of like comfort and joy fulfillment. Yes. So ultimately we’re doing this to have a specific feeling. Isn’t that interesting? That’s a little life coaching in there for you. We are doing this ultimately for a feeling.

We want a better feeling about our life. Okay. In the comments we have Claudia say work less and improve financial situation. Yes, Claudia. Absolutely. That’s why we’re doing it. Regina says fulfillment and income. Yup. Yup. Aaron says, it’s what I do best. It makes me happy to help others improve their lives and income.

Isn’t that awesome. We get to improve other people’s lives and make money doing it. I love it. Libby says she grew up in poverty and she wants a great, she wants her great, great grandkids to not worry about eviction or worry about groceries that may come or where the groceries may come from. Yes. We want to change our future posterity generation after generation.

To listen to this mini training in full, visit: https://youtu.be/CH_IYPWXecU