If you’ve been dreaming of working from home in comfort but you live in a small space, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to squeeze a functional home office in. Thankfully, the answer is yes. Even in cramped living quarters, you can dedicate a corner of your home to a personal office with a little bit of creativity. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Plan to Declutter Your Home To Make Way for an Office

When living in a small space, you may need to clear out a corner or a room to have adequate space for a dedicated office. If you live in a cramped home, you may need to get creative, and the process will likely involve some decluttering. Plan a cleaning schedule to help make the space you need.

You can use a spare bedroom or even a well-lit living room corner for your office. Try to donate whatever possessions you don’t need. If you come across personal items you don’t want to let go of, you can just put them in storage until you’re ready to make your decision. Do your research carefully to make sure you pick the right storage unit for your needs.

2. Budget Thoroughly for the Essential Home Office Equipment You’ll Need

According to one study, having the right office equipment is key to an effective workspace that also supports your physical and mental health. Calculate how much essential supplies will cost and work the expense into your monthly budget. Basics may include:

  • Dual monitors
  • A calculator
  • A notepad and writing utensils
  • A printer and fax machine
  • A paper shredder

3. Organize Your Work Desk Carefully to Maximize Efficiency

Once you have a corner or room designated for your desk and other work supplies, it’s time to get organized and maximize workday efficiency. Keeping your desk organized may be easier than you realize.

Make sure you remove any potentially distracting items, such as photos or posters, from the space. You should also clear off any non-work-related items from your desk. Additionally, consider purchasing organizers for your drawers so your writing utensils and other supplies you regularly use will be easy to access.

4. Liven Up Your Space With Unique Fixtures, Furniture, and Functional Décor

Making your office aesthetically pleasing may enhance your work experience. To spice things up, look for pleasing yet functional additions such as:

  • Stuffed couches
  • Ergonomic office chairs
  • Sleek file cabinets
  • Eye-catching lighting fixtures

5. Make Some Key Upgrades and Keep Track of Your Improvements

If you have the budget to make a few upgrades to your home office, you can enjoy an extra-comfy and even luxurious workspace. For example, you could get a heated office chair, brighter light fixtures, and a desk fan for the ultimate comfort. If you do make improvements to your home for the office, make sure to:

  • Keep a spreadsheet of all improvements
  • Catalog the worth of each upgrade to calculate your home’s value, especially if you plan to sell soon
  • Take thorough before and after photos for visual evidence

Having a home office is a practical addition to your house, but if you live in a small space, you may not be sure whether you have enough room for one. Fortunately, even in tight living quarters, you can still create a dedicated workspace with a little creativity. Use these five ideas to create your personal home office today.

Image via Pexels