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Hi, this is Barbie Joe, and you are listening to don’t get lost in the laundry. This is a show for busy moms and families where we talk about household order and function. Tricks of the trade and systems to improve family life and managing a household.

Hello, everyone Barbie here. And welcome to another episode of don’t get lost in the laundry today, we are talking to Corine, who is the founder and CEO of grid and glam. Through her programs and services. She helps women create order in their lives so they can do more of what they love. Her programs include the GG membership, a virtual platform that teaches busy families, the step-by-step process for creating an organized home and organizers academy.

A six-month intensive coaching experience that helps organizers grow and scale their business. As a wife and mom to, to, she understands the challenges of staying on top of the. Korean knows that when you were organized, you have the time and energy to focus on what you love. And her goal is to help our clients achieve that prior to starting grid and glam Kerryn earned a master’s degree from Harvard university.

I began her career on wall street. Oh my gosh. Welcome to the show Kerryn. So have you have you thank you so much for having me. This is so exciting to be here with you this morning. Okay. You have. How did you get into this? Yeah, I think like most of us, and I’m familiar with your story too. I think most of us get here in sort of around about way, but ultimately end up as professional organizers because we’ve seen the gift that organizing has had on our lives and we want to give it to other people.

And I was in this place of really. Chasing accolades and being part of the rat race after having worked on wall street and having my kids and just feeling like I was always running on empty. And I had a moment I’ve shared this story before, where I picked up my kids from daycare and they were running around the house, just being kids and having fun and making a mess.

And I yelled at them. For having fun. And I sank the kitchen floor in tears, and I said, this, this cannot be as good as it gets. There has to be a better way to live life. So I went on a personal journey of decluttering and organizing my whole house over the course of a year. I had been naturally organized in the past, but I had way too much stuff.

So I put myself through this. Process over the course of the year. And it took a year because I was still working and had kids and being a wife. And, um, and it changed my life. It changed everything about my life. We set up systems that allowed things to flow more smoothly and, um, I reconnected. My family and I just became more joyful and so much more full of passion.

And I was actually staring my 40th birthday in the face and I said, it’s now, or never. If I don’t actually do something with this, it’s going to be too late for me. So I left the corporate world. I started gridding lamb. We started initially as a strictly in-person organizing business and I. Pretty quickly that I wanted to be able to help so many more people.

So I launched the G and G membership in January of 2020. And since then we’ve had almost 700 women go through it. We’re actually in the midst of, um, having the doors open right now. It’s been absolutely life-changing for our members. I love it. That’s amazing. And what incredible success during a pandemic, even that’s amazing.

Yeah. And I say, you know, it was really serendipitous timing because it started a few months before the pandemic, which I could not have planned for obviously, but it really, you know, it was during a time when so many of us were, or all of us were stuck in our homes and the women who joined the membership rather than, um, getting sucked down into the heaviness of the pandemic were actually.

Utilize that time to their benefit and get their homes and lives organized. And now the world is opening back up. They’re feeling all that freedom of being able to come home to an organized home and life. So it was incredible time. That’s amazing. And I think so many women are realizing that it is so important to have that component in your life, that word, or at home.

So you’re coming home at the end of the day. And your home is greeting you and supporting you instead of draining you. Yeah, exactly. And you would, your five kids would know it better than anyone. How, how necessary it is weather. Any kids at all, or you have one kid or five. I mean, it really does make all the day.

Oh, for sure. And I think now thanks to the pandemic. I think having an organizer in your life is almost as important as having a trainer. Yeah. So yeah, I, I loving the fact that we’re in this industry that is just growing. I mean, it is not even reached its full potential yet. I think the world is just awakening to this concept of.

Hiring a professional organizer. And I know there are still people that I run into all the time that are like now, what, what is that? It’s so true. I know for those of us in the industry, we feel like, oh, everyone knows what we do, but it’s not true. And I love what you’re saying. It’s it’s um, so similar to hiring a trainer, I think a lot of women are still in the.

Headspace where they feel like there’s something wrong with them. If they can’t keep their homes organized themselves, but it’s like any other skill set it needs to be learned and it really does need to be prioritized. And there’s absolutely no shame in needing to outsource whether it’s actually hiring a professional to come in.

Or leveraging a program like my membership there, these are skills we haven’t been taught. We haven’t been taught how to get our families on board, how to prioritize it. And, um, it really can make all the difference to bring in a professional and that to get our conversation too off track. But I know you also, as I do coach other professional organizers and for any professional organizers or aspiring organizers listening, who think like the market’s so saturated, how can I do this to your point?

So many, so many people don’t even know. That this is an option as more and more people are learning about it. There’s going to be more and more opportunity for other professional organizers. So if someone out there is listening, thinking about doing it, we, uh, we can tell you for sure that it’s, it’s an amazing, I was trying to dig up numbers and I think there’s.

4,000 organizers or some crazy low number in the us. And I’m like, oh my gosh, we’re estimated to be like an $11 billion industry. And there’s only a few thousand of us there’s room for growth. There’s definite room for growth, but just like. Uh, it’s a skill, right. And some people don’t naturally possess the skill and that’s okay.

That doesn’t mean they’re failing at being a mom or a house, you know, keeping a home or, you know, managing a household. Not at all. It’s just a skill, just like I can’t paint. Right. So I would hire someone to come paint my house. Right. I can’t do that. I have no clue how to do it. Well, yeah, I could slap paint on, but it wouldn’t look good.

And just like organizing. It’s kind of like that. It’s okay to not have that skillset. You can choose if you want to learn it in a corporate or hire it out, be resourceful, right? Yes. Could not agree more. So tell us a little bit more about your membership, who is this? Yes, it is for the busy woman who is, has been very successful in her life in one way or another.

Whether it’s outside the home, inside the home, she’s super high functioning, but in this one area just cannot get it together. And then it starts bleeding into every other area. Of her life and the membership is based on my four-step process for getting organized. And the way it’s structured is that it’s a 12 month program.

Each month we focus on just one or two spaces in our. And we’re not just decluttering and organizing the spaces, but we’re actually focusing on our habits and routines that we use in those spaces. I love the meme that shows, um, you know, a wife and mom who said like, okay, now the house is totally cleaned and organized.

I’m going to need you all to move out. Right. Well, it’s like, well, wouldn’t that be. But it’s just, it’s not reality. And you know, many of us have like that one room in our home that no one goes in. And so then it stays perfectly neat and organized and the whole rest of our house falls apart. And that’s because we live in our spaces.

And so the membership is really focused on not just getting your space, decluttered and organized, but setting up those habits and routines so that when you’re in the space, when you’re living with. Let’s face. It really sticks. And, um, we just focus on one or two spaces at a time because. We’re living life.

In the meantime, we’re not pausing life so that we can go through this process. We’re making it fit into our lifestyle. And then by the end of the 12 months, we have transformed not only our entire home. I mean, we literally tackle from kitchens to bedrooms and basements and kids’ toys, garages, storage spaces, paper, clutter, um, sentimental items.

We literally cut digital clutter. Cover every single thing, but you also learn how to get your partner involved, how to get your kids involved, because it is not sustainable for you to be the one who is solely responsible for keeping your home organized everyone in your household needs to get on board.

But it’s not as simple as just snapping your fingers and saying, okay, now, We have to set up systems that function forever. And we have to orient everyone in the family to those systems. We have to build accountability into that. And so the membership has all of that. Um, there are prerecorded modules, but there’s also a very supportive Facebook group that has me in it daily.

My teams in it daily, my professional organizing team is, and it. So it’s an opportunity to post any questions, but also pictures of any spaces you have. If you need product recommendations, you can post measurements, we’ll recommend products. I also do a monthly coaching call with everyone in the membership where you get face time with me.

So there’s just so much, you know, aside from the, you know, filling that knowledge gap and really teaching you everything you need to know, there’s all of that support and accountability built into it because. A lot of us start out with the best of intentions and a lot of momentum. And then after, you know, maybe it’s a couple of weeks, maybe we even keep that momentum for a couple months, but then we slowly fall off the wagon.

So we’ve added gamification into the membership, all these things to make it fun and sustainable. So that by the end of the year you look back and you’re like, oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just transformed my home and my life to such a degree. That’s so cool. And how fun. Okay. And I read too that you only require like no more than an hour or two a week.

Oh, yes. Yup. And as I would say a month and I’m like, man, I can’t make that guarantee hour. So I am, um, maybe anyone listening can already tell. I talk super fast and the videos are short and sweet. I cut out all the fluff. I don’t, I don’t over-explain things. But I give you just what you need. I show visuals in my own home, um, where it’s helpful to show visuals of clients.

On, for example, I don’t have any pets and we do tackle pet. So I’ll show visuals in some of my client’s homes, but the videos themselves are short and sweet so that you can spend your time doing the work and not. Just learning about the work that you need to do. It’s also the membership lives on an app on your phone.

So if you want to be in this space that you’re organizing, while you’re watching the video or listening to the video, you can do it that way, but it really is meant to be doable within the rest of your life so that you don’t have to say, like, take a pause from your job or from being a mom or whatever it is to get this.

That’s so important, especially for busy women. Right. You know, we can’t afford to take a whole day off and devote it to something heaven forbid that we want. Right. So that’s great that you can incorporate that into everyday living. And I see here you have two options, like a 12 month program and then a six month program.

No, the membership is a 12 month program. My six month program is a coaching program. That’s for professional organizers. That is something totally different. So I do have a. Very intensive group coaching program for professional organizers, I’ll take anywhere from three to five, maybe six organizers at a time that I bring on to coach.

And, um, we meet three times a day. With me and with my team, I have an amazing team that works behind me on all areas of the business tech and systems and marketing. And so as part of my coaching program for professional organizers, you get access to my whole team for though for that six months, because my focus is really getting professional organizers to their next.

Level. Um, if you’re, you know, you want to scout a multiple six figures, we’ll help you get there. If you’re trying to scale to seven figures, we’ll help you get there. But I think there, the sky is the limit for our businesses. Very cool. Very cool. And I think this is such an exciting time to be in the industry because we’re still in that education piece of the whole thing where we’re announcing to the world, Hey, we’re here.

And this is what we do. I was down at the bank the other day. I was opening another account. And the banker I was working with asked now, what is it you do? And I said, I’m a professional organizer. She’s like, oh, cool. And then a few minutes later, she’s like, now what exactly is that like, okay. I am like your declutter coach.

I am an interior designer of storage solutions. And she was like, oh, That’s really cool. I know, I love it. It’s always followed up with questions when you tell people what you do and it is you’re you’re right. It’s, it’s an exciting time to be in this field or coming into this field, or, you know, especially for more seasoned organizers who have been in it for a while.

Um, I’ve spoken to several who are so excited that this industry is finally getting its moment to shine, which is really exciting. Yeah, for sure. And I mean, thanks to Marie Kondo and the home edit. I mean, they have definitely helped help the industry grow. Yeah. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. All right. Now tell us a little bit about your philosophy inside of your systems.

Oh, I love this question. So I love living in a glamour. I love being surrounded by beautiful things and feeling like we can live a luxurious lifestyle, but I feel like a lot of times that. Looped in with living a sort of maximalist lifestyle. And so I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist because I believe so heavily in the power of decluttering and that we all have too much excess, but I really believe that if we get rid of everything we don’t love and we don’t need, and we don’t use, we have more space to have the things in our life that.

We do feel can give us the glam life and that we do feel our luxurious when we’re spending less money on buying a million little things that we don’t love. We actually have the money to buy fewer, but nicer things. So that’s sort of my overarching philosophy. And, um, the four pizzas of my organizing framework, the first is actually starting with our mindset because I think so many of us don’t realize how much our mindset.

Contributes to our clutter and how much our mindset is the biggest roadblock to us letting go of things. You know, we think about how much money we’ve spent on something. And so it’s hard for us to part with it, rather than thinking about the cost associated with keeping it, the cost of the frustration.

It causes us or the cost of the space it’s taking up. Right. So I really feel like my role is to help. Switch their mindset. Um, when it comes to sentimental belongings, you know, if we think everything is precious, then nothing is precious. And reminding people that our loved ones or that memory doesn’t live in that object, it lives in us.

And sure, we absolutely should keep those sentimental things that are most precious to us, but we can’t keep it all. So that is the, the. He piece that I start with them then, and only then can we move into purging or the decluttering phase? And, um, you know, I love the phrase, um, clutters, just delayed decisions.

We have to really get into that mindset of starting to make decision. In the moment and declutter everything. That’s not serving us prior to my transformation that I shared earlier in the interview, I actually was quite organized in terms of making things look tidy, but I had way too much stuff. So my systems never stuck.

And I was constantly in that cycle of organizing and reorganizing and wondering what’s everyone doing wrong? Couldn’t could not possibly be my fault. It had to be everyone else’s fault in my house. And then I realized I had to. That was the problem. So we really focus on decluttering and then we focus on setting up the systems and the systems are not just about, um, the bins and the file folder, although that is part of it.

But it’s about the routines that we use that allow us to make those systems maintainable for us. So it’s the system plus the routine and then. Fourth piece. And this is probably what I’m most known for on Instagram is the reset. I, I always talk about the Sunday reset because we can change our mindset and we can declutter and we can set up systems.

But if we don’t have a process in place to maintain it slowly over time, we’re going to slide back into old habits are more clutter is going to come in and with a simple reset. Putting the things back either, whether it’s the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the month, um, and doing those few things that really set us up for success.

Um, without that we won’t be able to maintain, maintain all of our hard work. So I I’m sure all of us say the same thing. It’s not complicated. But it can be hard, right? Because we actually have to know the framework that we’re working with and we have to set aside the time to make it a priority. And that’s just, it that’s key.

First of all, you have to get out of your own way. Right. So a lot of times we’re stopping the progress that we could be making and then to implement and really. Understand it. Yeah. So I think that’s amazing that you have such a, a detailed framework that is easily consumed. That’s really important. Yeah.

As I was building the membership, I was really trying to think about, okay, what, what did I just do this past year? Cause it’s not like I set out on this journey for myself to build this membership program. I set out on this personal journey. And then as I really look back, I said, okay, what made this happen?

Like, what was that framework and how can I then. Apply this so that it’s doable for anyone else that is committed to making the change. I love that commitment. You have to want it right. Just waving a magic wand. You have to want this that’s. Exactly. And that’s what I always tell people. I, I want to open my arms and open my doors to everyone, but I always say.

This program is not the right fit for you. And also same for my in-person clients. I’m not the right fit for you if you’re not going to commit to the process, because it does take work to maintain it. And I don’t want anyone to spend their money. I don’t want anyone to spend their time doing something that is not going to be sustainable for them.

And that, you know, you’re so right. It’s that commitment. That is the piece that will make sure that. And they have to be open-minded to right. Cause a lot of clients and in my experience, we’ll just say, no, that doesn’t work for me. No, I’ve tried that, that doesn’t work and they’re not open-minded to try it, you know, with a few tweaks.

And so I think that’s a huge piece. And you only have your membership open for a limited time. So tell us a little bit about that. Yeah, so we open membership doors twice a year. We opened them in January and June. And the reason we do that is because we are really deliberate about how many people come in and making sure that we’re all working at the same time.

And frankly, for any business owners out there listening, it helps us streamline the backend of our business. And as a professional organizer, it’s as important for me to have a streamlined business as it is for me to have a streamlined home and life. So we opened doors twice. Um, as I said in January and June, and this time around, um, doors will be open.

Uh, January 3rd and closing on January 11th. So for anyone listening, if you’re interested, um, I talk all about it on my Instagram, which is at grid and glam. Um, and also all the information is on my website, which is grid and glam.com. So come over, say, hello. I love chatting with everyone in my DMS. And, um, we can help you decide if the program could be the right fit.

Awesome. Love it. And we will have all this information in the show notes as well. So thank you so much for sharing all this with us and inviting us to be a part of this amazing membership. Thank you so much for having me. This was so much fun. Thank you for listening to don’t get lost in the laundry.

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