how to schedule your week

Hi, this is Barbie Jo. You are listening to, don’t get lost in the laundry today. We are going to talk about days of the week.. I know that’s kind of a village. We are all quarantines track of what day it is. I’m sure. We’ll have to ask Alexa what day of the week it is to stay on track. ’cause every day feels like ground height work.

We’re doing the homeschool cooking three to six meals a day, cleaning refereeing fights, trying to keep kids entertained all to just collapse in bed and start over the next day. Right? So our life is a little monotonous right now, and yet we find that moms have been hit the hardest we have. Zero extra time.

Everybody says, oh, it’s great. We’ve been given this gift of time. What time? I’ve lost time. Because that time when the kids are gone at lessons or school or play dates was. I could have to myself to get stuff done. And now that time has evaporated. So people are talking about this time. Anyway, the day of the week, what I’m referring to is something that has made keeping track of whose turn it is a lots of.

Now tell me I’m not alone. When you’re out with your kids, do they fight about who gets the front seat? Are they fighting about who gets to push the button in the elevator or who gets to open the boss? Are they fighting about whose turn it is war or do you have. Or do you already have this ironed out? I remember thinking, oh my gosh, how am I going to keep track of who’s flipping turn?

It is to hold the remote control or to pet the cat or whatever. So I created the days of the week, simple as that I assigned each child their own day of the week and they know. When it’s their day, they get the privileges of the day, whether it be pushing the button in the elevator, whether it be sitting in the front seat of the car, whether it be offer, offering the prayer at our meals, it is their day.

So it worked out perfectly for me because I have five children. There are five days in the week. And then the weekends, of course, so seven people in my family, seven days in the week, it worked out great for us. So you can do this any way you want, but when each child knows that it’s their day and they’ll remind.

And it’s also some unwritten code of children that they respect that when they know it’s somebody else’s day, they respect that. And they won’t try to infringe on those rights when it’s not their day, which is incredible. And so I hope this little menial it’s seemingly meaningless. Assigned day of the week, really DELP organize your day and your kids.

It keeps them in order. It keeps the chaos at bay. It keeps them from feeling frantic. And what about me? And I never get a turn. It takes all of that away because they know when it’s their day. They have a. And you can make it extra special. You can let them maybe choose what you’re going to have for dinner, or you can maybe give them some sort of special privilege.

They get to stay up 10 minutes later than everybody else. You can kind of customize it to whatever meets the needs of your family. But I find when each child has their own day of the week, things are a lot easier to control and keep track. So I would love to hear you implement if you so choose to implement this system into your family, I would love to hear about it.

Come to our Facebook group. Don’t get lost in the laundry and tell us all about it. We would love to hear it. Bye for now.