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Clear Space, Clear Mind

Get the Blueprint to create room to breathe with quick wins around the house!

“Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life.” – Marie Kondo

What’s Inside…

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How it Works…


Determine where your challenges are with your current organization.


Begin to be mindful of what enters your home and stays.


Reduce stress and clutter, saving time and money with the foundational principals of organization.

A private Facebook group, a safe place to share your progress and find friendship along the way.
Get monthly tips and treats in your mailbox and stepping stones in your inbox.
Develop confidence in your ability to stay organized, making your life simpler.

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Put in the work upfront and make your life a lot easier for good!


Having more things than time to manage them makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed.


Managing a household, working from home & raising children is a LOT, which is why we help busy moms simplify their lives through organization.


Your mind’s eye takes in your physical environment and creates calm or chaos. You deserve to relax and enjoy being in your home.

Stop for one minute and breathe.

When was the last time you did that?

If you’re a mom, it was probably decades ago. You try to prioritize but everything’s a priority. You try to take time for yourself, but there’s always someone needing something urgently.

And your house? Well, let’s just say you’ve learned the tricks. Things might well look okay on the outside but you know what’s in those drawers. You know how long it’s been since you changed the sheets, and you don’t dare put your hand down the side of the couch cushions.

You promise yourself you’ll get to it “one day” but that day never comes. You try to stay on top of things but the mess simply follows you around the house. You say you don’t even see it now, but some part of your subconscious is nagging at you and using up precious energy.

But what it there was a way to get on top of it all without overwhelming you even more. What if it was (dare I say…) fun?

Hi, I’m BarbieJo!

As a farmer’s wife and mom of 5 I had to master efficiency in all aspects. Being organized with my time was very important while juggling 5 schedules. I didn’t want my kids to be the ones everyone whispered about behind closed doors. I needed to be on the ball.

Having a large family while living in a small home meant I had to be aware of the work flow of our limited space. Everything needed a “home” so we didn’t get surrounded by piles of shoes, clothes, paperwork, etc. I learned how to organize in the tightest of spaces. 

I can promise you that the above is possible – I’ve done it!

Interested? I am inviting you to join my Clear Space Clear Mind membership today and I promise you, at the end of our time together you won’t even recognize the overwhelmed, chaotic woman you once were!

Inside the membership, you will discover how to set your home up for success with Quick Starts, Deep Dives and a Maintenance Plan for each space of your home.

I will help you simply your life by creating room to breathe both in your house and in your mind.

I will show you some simple systems and practices to get on top of things and stay there, even with a busy household. 

I will help you see ways to nurture yourself so you have the energy and clear mind to handle whatever life throws at you.

What the moms in our community are saying:

If you have an area, a room, a garage, or a car that is just always cluttered, messy, or disorganized you should consider joining the membership with Barbie today! She is very affordable. I found things I had been looking for that I thought had been lost forever! Thank you very much Barbie Jo!

- Mary W.

“There are some people that just know how to organize things and sadly I am NOT one of them. She is incredible!!

BJ knows all the tricks of the trade and I am so glad I reached out to her because my closets were crazy disorganized with random stuff everywhere. Highly recommend. A++.”

- Christine H.

“Barbie Jo is an amazing person. Her tips, wisdom, and value is spot on. I’m grateful for her and what she stands for.”

- LeAnn