About BarbieJo

Farmer’s Wife & Mom of 5

Personal Organizer

Since 2002

As a farmer’s wife and mom of 5 I had to master efficiency in all aspects. Being organized with my time was very important while juggling 5 schedules. I didn’t want my kids to be the ones everyone whispered about behind closed doors. I needed to be on the ball.

Having a large family while living in a small home meant I had to be aware of the work flow of our limited space. Everything needed a “home” so we didn’t get surrounded by piles of shoes, clothes, paperwork, etc. I learned how to organize in the tightest of spaces. 

Being married to a farmer you often live for the next harvest, hoping it will be better than the last. I have learned how to be very organized with my money, making sure I had every cent planned out in advance and how it would be spent. It was after two failed crops that I was standing in line at the government office, filing for assistance when I decided to make a business from my expertise and years of experience. I began that very day to invest in myself and my dream…and the rest is history!   


BarbieJo Hatch – Founder

My Theory

Most people unintentionally describe their homes as they would themselves! I want your home to represent the best version of you. I design, style, organize, and edit any room in your home or office. I will align your space with what your core values represent.  Whether you are working with me personally or virtually, we will get it done! Let’s begin to transform your home! 

How It Works


Let's Chat

Book a consultation so you can tell me about your space, challenges and goals. Consultations are always free and you are given an estimate for the project.


I create custom designs for each client, specific to your space and needs. The designing of spaces from the build to completion of organization.


The Result

A beautiful space that works for you. I want you to feel better and love the home you are in.  Let’s transform your home today!