I Help Women Become Polished Professional Organizers, using the Luxury Home Organizing Method, Build Confidence and Turn Their Passion Into Profit


I'm BarbieJo

A mom, luxury home organizer, certified elite speaker, podcaster, mentor, and founder of the Polished Professional Organizer Academy with a desire to Help WOMEN FULFILL THEIR PURPOSE, CREATE ORDER and

Make Money Doing What They Love

…even if you already have an organizing business, we can get you to the next level. 

 Discover the mew lucrative side hustle! 


Secret #1

Turning your skillset of organizing into a lucrative business without a website, business cards or a marketing budget.

Secret #2

How to find your ideal clients and get into those million-dollar home.  It’s easier than you think.


Secret #3

How to set your prices and packages. Give estimates on the spot and with confidence, while delivering amazing results.


“I thought the masterclass was incredible and very helpful. After listening to the class I took my prices off and gained 3 more clients!”

Renee B.

“You put a few strategies in a context that made them easier to understand. Plus, introduced new ones that I hadn’t heard of before. That’s pretty cool!”

Phaedra S.

You provide awesome information and training about the organizing business! 


Lizbeth R.